(written by the matthew show, BMI)

February's hard to recover from
It takes the most from me each time
It took both grandfathers, and nearly more
It stole my body for a time

So come on by, spend your time
Writing songs about the warmer climes
The fingers claw outside the door
They don't worry me anymore
I'm killing time, killing time for the sun

February fucks it up for everyone
Puts you on your guard against the year
Gives the hope of snow and brings you hail again
And the hospital's white with frozen tears


And I won't be killing time for long
When February says I'm done
And I won't be killing time for long
When February takes my tongue

The winter makes a pact with everyone
If you let me through, you'll get the Spring
But you never find out till the game is up
February offers no such thing



from february {album}, released October 15, 2008
matthew - vocals, guitar
Little Jack Melody - upright bass




the matthew show Fort Worth, Texas

the matthew show's songs are acclaimed widely, and have been featured on NPR & PBS. He has worked with Grammy-winning producers Matt Ross-Spang and John Hampton. He is also half of Ah Pook the Destroyer.

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