Poison Picking Time

by the matthew show



A song about choices.


(copyright 2007 the matthew show)

If I were a ghost of all the things I tell you
Would you run, seek the higher ground
If I were lost, more lost than when I found you
Should I go, try to find the path again

Fly around inside
Windows look like sky

You know it’s alright
You know it’s okay
Live like you’ll die someday

If I made time the way I make my music
Would you smile more often than you do
If I smiled for once without reservation
I doubt there’d be a thing we couldn’t do

I curse the dashboard light
Home late another night

You know it’s alright
You know it’s okay
Live like you’ll die someday
They never wonder
They never question
They march crying past the grave

And I want to feel loved without feeling old
I want to feel the wind blow through my soul
I want to love you for the rest of my life
And I wish that life weren’t dying
Dying, dying on the vine

Well, they say it’s alright
You don’t get a life without pain
I can’t deny that
But all I wonder
When it’s poison picking time
Which one is mine

You know it’s alright
You know it’s okay
Live like you’ll die someday
And maybe one day
And maybe sometime soon
We can be happy again


released February 25, 2011
matthew - vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards
Jeff Simms - drums, backing vocals
James Dunn - electric guitar
Beth Brown - violin
Thomas Spencer - backing vocals
Jason Jackson - backing vocals
Nancy Giammarco - backing vocals

Produced and engineered by the matthew show at Rotary Eleven Studio
Mastered by Dean Hall




the matthew show Fort Worth, Texas

the matthew show's songs are acclaimed widely, as is his podcast series The Band That Never Was, a merging of story and song. He has been featured on NPR & PBS. He served as reader and composer for the Bonneville Stories audiobook by Mark Doyon, and co-produced Beth Brown's debut album I'm Not Matthew. He is also half of Ah Pook the Destroyer. ... more

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