The Dull Version of You {single}

by the matthew show



on living a double life


It’s time to throw the bathtub out with the baby
The whole thing is tainted, and hope is overrated
It’s time to throw the neighbors out with the furniture
You can’t teach ‘em nothing, even when it looks like something

Scorched earth, real job
Piece of paper says I’m not a dumbass anymore
Resume cut & trimmed
So it seems I was in my right mind the whole time
I’m a lie, but you’re gonna have to dig to know the truth
Sometimes the best you can do is to be the dull version of you

It’s time to throw the candles out with the flame
Thank God I didn’t sign the good stuff with my real name
It’s time to throw the lion out with the lamb
Bar the gates so nobody’s gonna come this way again
It’s a sin


Well, it’s a long, long day
Last night they said you were on your way
And the pointed to an alley with a big bright sign
With the dark shapes shuffling around behind
And it’s too late now if you don’t wanna go
Unless you burn all the bridges, and lighten the load



released October 26, 2021
matthew - vocals, guitar
Gerald Ray - lead guitar
Clay Anderson - bass
Jeffry Simms - drums, backing vocals

engineered and mixed by Adam Hill at Beale Street Caravan
recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis

mastered by Arthur Winer at Canaveral Skies

Artwork by Heidi Diederich

Written by the matthew show




the matthew show Fort Worth, Texas

the matthew show's songs are acclaimed widely, and have been featured on NPR & PBS. He has worked with Grammy-winning producers Matt Ross-Spang and John Hampton. He is also half of Ah Pook the Destroyer.

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