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The Lake Worth Monster {single}

by the matthew show



A reflection on place, time, and relationships.


That law firm right there
Was a club that we played
Back in nineteen...Christ
You were in the fourth grade
And the girl who booked shows there
Makes movies in Austin today
So come on now, let's play

In the shack by the river
That used to have bras
In all of the rafters
And the halfway house calls out
The next inmate number
I sip on my whiskey and pray
That I'll make it through one more day

And I've traveled this town
From the bars to the parks
And I've heard it make promises
To me in the dark
And it lies just like I do
But it loves all the mess that we make
I am the monster who lives by the lake

Now downtown used to be
Dark as hell in the night
Now it's all full of grackles
And bright Christmas lights
So I went down to the Chat Room
So Taylor could fix me a drink
And I sat down to think

About all of those people
Who've been good to me
Even when I'm a bastard
Even when I can't see
And I try to believe them
When they tell me that I'll be okay
That I'll make it through one more day


Now I'm driving up tollways
With polite little trees
And I'm driving up Northside
Past cemeteries
That remind me of how little
Time that I've got left to be
Whatever I'll be

And I want to love all
Of the people I love
And I want to drink life
From a big Showdown cup
And I don't want to leave all
Of this damage I leave
And the rent keeps on rising
I wonder how long I can be
A part of this big tapestry

Now West Seventh is changing
The dudebros run free
And the bars on Magnolia
Don't want acts like me
But Leon is playing
From a speaker somewhere down the street
The circle's complete

So goodnight to the woo girls
Goodnight to the bards
And goodnight to the Bass cops
With stars upon thars
And goodnight to the dreamers
Wherever in town you may be
Old young and all those yet to be



released September 15, 2020
Executive Producer: Jeffry Simms
Produced by the matthew show
Engineered and mixed by Taylor Tatsch at Audio Styles
Mastered by Arthur Winer at Canaveral Skies
Artwork by Trista Morris
Written by the matthew show (BMI)

matthew - vocals, acoustic guitar
Gerald Ray - electric guitar
Clay Anderson - bass
Jeffry Simms - percussion and backing vocals
Taylor Tatsch - organ and backing vocals

Dedicated to the memory of the Tin Panther




the matthew show Fort Worth, Texas

the matthew show's songs are acclaimed widely, and have been featured on NPR & PBS. He has worked with Grammy-winning producers Matt Ross-Spang and John Hampton. He is also half of Ah Pook the Destroyer.

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