The World of One Percenters

from february {album} by the matthew show



(written by the matthew show, BMI)

You are lovely, though you don't know it
And you probably never will
I feel sorry, though I shouldn't be
I only speak my mind, what can I do but speak my mind

You don't want me, and you probably shouldn't
But you saw things, the same things I see
In the murky, misty darkness, bumping into someone's always
Such a nice surprise, you don't want to let it go

But I won't, not quite
Because I think you need me right now
If just to know that things aren't always as they seem
And it's cold out here in this moonlight
Of the world of one percenters every night

You're the weird kid, & you never thought it
Because of camoflauge that infrared can't crack
But you're the weird kid, & I'm your guidebook, because your friends no longer understand
Why you can't just just dream their dreams and stay the same

But you won't, not quite
And I hope you think of me
When you find that things aren't always what they seem
Because it's cold, so cold in this moonlight
Of the world of one percenters every night

Straighten up your room, "Always Vienna" fills the air
Give it time, but not too much, you can't wait
Everybody knows what they want, but no one will admit it
I scream

But I won't, not quite
Because I can't live your life
As if I was somehow given 21 again
But it's cold, so cold in this moonlight
That I hope that you'll remember me
In times when no one else can see
The world of one percenters every night


from february {album}, released October 15, 2008
matthew - vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming
Reggie Rueffer - violin
Nancy Giammarco - backing vocals




the matthew show Fort Worth, Texas

the matthew show's songs are acclaimed widely, and have been featured on NPR & PBS. He has worked with Grammy-winning producers Matt Ross-Spang and John Hampton. He is also half of Ah Pook the Destroyer.

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