The Band That Never Was SINGLES (6 songs thus far)

by the matthew show



A collection of singles from the docu-pop podcast of the same name.


released March 15, 2011




the matthew show Fort Worth, Texas

the matthew show's songs are acclaimed widely, as is his podcast series The Band That Never Was, a merging of story and song. He has been featured on NPR & PBS. He served as reader and composer for the Bonneville Stories audiobook by Mark Doyon, and co-produced Beth Brown's debut album I'm Not Matthew. He is also half of Ah Pook the Destroyer. ... more

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Track Name: Here We Come Again
(©2009 the matthew show)

Where you going
What was that second look you gave me
And why was it so different than the first

People of consequence they seem
To know much better than to be
Caught in the picture next to me

And here we come together
Failing to find a better friend
Failing to meet a better end
Here we come again

Got so many
Knew ‘em when they were just ordinary
Some got big, and some are punchlines to this day

I've seen ‘em look around to see
Gotta know if it’s okay to be okay
With anybody weird like me


And really, it’s a mercy
That we don’t know what might’ve been
Or where we’ll wind up in the end
‘Cause here we come again

Can we know with any certainty
And what is certainty to me
I’ve never seen it be

I wanna call ‘em
Ask what it was that made ‘em squirm
Ask ‘em what it is that I never learn

Genius gets a pass
But above average just gives them pause
In the dim light of the open mic applause

Track Name: All My Life
(©2004 the matthew show)

I know this tune
It's been rattling the windows
It's been dragging out my curfews
All the days I've heard it sing

I know this song
It's been hiding all the business
It's been piling up the dishes
All my life

And when the light of memory breaks
Into the dawn of present day
The light is casts is dreamlike
To the eyes
But to write it down onto the stone
The story's there, the ending's gone
It's a story I have known
All my life

I know this man
He's been promising the fight's end
He's been staring down the whirlwind
From the day that I first met him

So long ago I knew
He was older than the sun was
Like I feel when I come out of
The world we built to save us

Dissolve, devour, see the world as new
Free up the limbs to touch what's true
Does it do you any good
Or change your mind
For if not this, then what to do
If I'm still me, and you're still you
Pragmatic reason fails
All my life

I know this sound
It's the earthbound plane descending
It's the hope that's neverending
That someone's up there waiting

I know this tale
He made order out of chaos
He made rules that beat the coin toss
And loss that isn't loss

The monkey knows the sky is blue
The unborn babies know it, too
It makes a pretty picture if it's true
The early days are free to you
But after that, there's no excuse
And I may well be damned to lose
All my life

(There's too much time for getting older
I wish you were here
It's so damn lonely in the only
Life you left to me)
Track Name: Little Town
(copyright 2009 Jeff Simms, Michael Montgomery & the matthew show)

Here in this little town again
Old house looks the same
Seems nothing has changed at all
Except our reasons for being here

Keep your head toward the sun
Don't turn away
And if you do, you may find
You'll get your way
'Cause yesterday
Don't mean that much for today
And a light will guide our way
And a light will guide our way

Here in this little town again
No audits of fame
Same face in the sandwich shop
Same face in the workshop windowpane

In '94, it was all so hard
We pushed on the walls till they all fell apart
And now it's all these years in the open air
And I'm looking for their traces

Track Name: When the Night Comes
(copyright 2012 Jeff Simms, Michael Montgomery & the matthew show)

Just be comfortable in today’s clothes
Don’t lose sight of that grin
Sometimes the days seem so long and lonesome
Sometimes they're a little grim

Remember that love you create inside
Where all your passions like to run and hide
Let it carry. Let it carry you through
Those grey days that seem to sneak up on you

And when the night comes, you’ll remember the day
And when all is said and done, you’re still the same

No one knows what it means anymore
Or what good it will do
Just staring down at the mileage logs
Next to a picture of you

I found something, and you did, too
It hit the air and then died
Wrapped its bones in this letter today
Hoping you would know what it should say

Track Name: A Brighter Place in the Sun
(copyright 2012 Jeff Simms & the matthew show)

Tin Top Road winds out way too far
Takes me to where me and you found our star
Templates built for breaking molds in hand
Pawn shop rock in 4/4 time, drums in sand

You are not the only one
Standing on your own
And someday far away you may find
It’s not that hard
To find a brighter place in the sun

So far to the only place we see
Where things are want, and never need, and meant to be
Shadowed by the graveyard waltz of fear
And if you run far enough, it won’t come near


Over and over we talk around
You won’t let me see you down
And I won’t let you see me down
We’ll reconvene in a year from now
Same excuses and better frowns
Able bodies and plastic crowns
Things you know and then throw them down
Looking out for the turnaround
River running underground
Track Name: Square (The Nerd Song)
(copyright 2009 the matthew show)

Do you remember the thing we all did
With the thing and the thing and the stuff all at the same time
No, I don’t
Do you remember the thing we all liked
Because everybody liked it and you could not say no
No, I don’t
But I remember hearing you say
What’s the matter with people who don’t do what I do
Every single day


But I’m a nerd
I do not give a shit
‘Cause what you’re selling’s not a lifetime membership
You buy cool for a couple of minutes at a time
And when it’s over, you’re just old, confused and tired
But I don’t care
I was square before you got there

Do you remember the thing we all wore
You couldn’t not wear it, ‘cause somebody somewhere said so
No, I don’t
Did you know your parents did the same damn thing
Years before you came around
I didn’t think so
But I remember hearing you say
My generation’s cooler than theirs
And it will always be that way


Is it coincidence that these shoes and this band go together
I don’t think so
Is it happenstance that you sound more like everyone else every day
I don’t think so
You’ve been led around by the nose for so long
You have no idea who you are
Now sing along with the lines of this guitar

Now you’re a nerd
And it’s a rotten shame
That you didn’t prepare a single moment for this day
You can keep on talking about these kids today
Turn on that old record, let it play & play
I’ve been hanging around here outside of time
Thinking you might figure out you’ve been blind
But I don’t care
You may never, ever get there

I’m still a nerd
I do not give a shit
What you were selling didn’t pay no dividends
You bought cool for a couple of minutes at a time
Now it’s over and you’re just old, confused and tired
And I don’t care
I was square before you got there

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